Project Partners

The HEDC partners with many local companies and businesses. These "Project Partners" make critical contributions to HEDC projects and are a major reason for our success.

Community Engagement and Business Planning Services:

Evolution Enterprises LLC: Richard Pearce


Falcigno Group: Vincent Falcigno 

Legal – General and Real Estate:

Cohen and Wolf: Mathew Susman

Legal – Environmental Law:

Halloran and Sage: Ann Catino

Construction Management:

Tri-Con Construction Management LLC: Brack Portier

Structural Engineers:

Heller and Johnsen: Larry Johnson

Environmental and Community Consulting:

Down to Earth LLC: Arthur Bogen

LEED and Environmental Planning:

Green Planet LLC: Chris Widmer


Buchanan Architects: George Buchanan

Deconstruction and Building Materials:

Urbanminers: Joe DeRisi

Environmental Remediation:

For consultant on each project, see Projects Completed »