Business & Community New: Winter of 2014


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Business & Community News: Winter of 2014


Focus on Business Retention and Development Attraction

This newsletter will focus services offered by the Town's Economic Development Department and through its collaborations for the purpose of fulfilling its business retention strategy. It will also provide an update on key projects throughout Hamden.


New Pages for Energy and Job Training Grants for Businesses Announced


The Economic and Community Development Web page now has two new links on its web site at  that will assist businesses in gaining valuable information to grow, improve and expand.


Energy Program Link: This link will will provide in one location a list and outline of most energy related incentive programs for commercial and residential owners. "There are many web sites and press releases out there that include important information but yet they are located all over the internet, leaving business and homeowners unable to easily compare the many energy savings options there are. This link will consolidate most of them in one location to make it more convenient", stated Dale Kroop Director. 


Job Training:
CT Works and Gateway Community College are among several organizations to offer job training opportunities and grants for workers and business owners to retrain them in skill areas that are critical for the changing workforce. Retraining employees in new technologies in manufacturing, health care and other industries is seen as key to fulfilling one of the most important needs for business, Workforce Development. Click the title above to connect to this comprehensive list of programs now available to owners and individuals.


Buy Hamden Strategy:

Despite the history and success of the Magic Mile with its regional and national box stores and restaurants, there are many unique and successful businesses that provide important and interesting services, employ a lot of people and support families and the communities in where they are located.  

They are owned by your neighbors and friends and play a role in the daily lives of Hamden citizens. The Town's Economic and Community Development Department will begin to recognize and promote our local businesses so that they can be provided with the maximum opportunity to local bidding and other procurement procedures.  


The Hamden Economic Development Commission believes that business retention is critical for maintaining and growing tax revenue in Hamden and setting the foundation for future growth. With the recent closing of Stop and Shop in Southern Hamden it it has never been more important to support local small businesses and to be involved with them to help them in any way that we can.  


On a regular basis we will highlight unique small businesses to remind all of us how great they really are. Eventually the Hamden Economic Development Commission will propose a new ordinance that will provide local businesses with an opportunity to compete better with outside vendors for work that comes from the Town and Board of Education. Hamden's small businesses should be encouraged to compete in the government marketplace, which is the largest marketplace in the Town of Hamden.  


See First Featured Businesses:


 All Designed Under the Town's Form-Based Zoning Regulations


There are numerous projects in various stages of design and construction. The impact on the grand list and tax rate in the long run should be substantial. The total amount of square feet to be developed under approved projects will be 133,000 S.F. With a total investment of over $13,000,000, over $300,000 of new tax revenue is anticipated per year. Additionally these developments will draw a significant number of new people to patronize different businesses throughout Hamden.


New AAA Building


Next-door to the Centerville project is the new AAA expansion totaling 6,900 S F., was completed in the fall of 2013. This brand-new building will replace the original building built in the 1970s and will comply with the new form base zoning regulations.


NU Development (former Centerville Lumber location)



There is 132,000+ square-foot development recently approved the planning and zoning commission which will include a five-story building located where the strip center at Centerville Lumber used to be on Whitney Avenue. Behind that will be a new three-story hundred and 120,000 square-foot hotel. The original 13,000 S.F. Centerville Lumber building will be turned into an office building It is expected that the hotel will have over 120 rooms and conference area. The new five story building will be a mix of retail, office and residential uses.


Expansion of Elis Restaurant


The next project under construction is a 3,500 square-foot addition to Eli's restaurant this project was formerly the location of Contis Jewelry and was vacant for the last two years Eli's is developing a new restaurant area for banquet facility in community events. This project will complete the street scape at the new Town Hall project, also to be completed in the winter of 2014.


Mixed Use building Next To Post Office


This new 14,000 square-foot building next to the Mount Carmel Post Office will include a bank and residential units on the second floor. This is the first new construction on a site that was formerly a car wash. This project should be completed in the spring of 2014.


Rockville Bank



Located at the former Harstans Jewelers site at the corner of Worth Avenue and Whitney Avenue, Rockville Bank will rehabilitate the 3,000 building into a new retail bank and was opened in February of 2014..


Mather and Dixwell Retail Development



On the corner of Mather in Dixwell There will be a new 20,000 square-foot retail development that will replace the former factory building. This redevelopment of the intersection for retail will lead to future growth.


Hamden Economic Development Corporation News


The Hamden Economic Development Corporation (HEDC)

The HEDC is an independent, 501C4 Corporation that serves as a tool to develop the tax base and create jobs in Hamden and as an advocate for businesses in Town. The HEDC focuses on redevelopment of properties and other projects that the conventional real estate community is unable to work on due to contamination, tax problems and complicated title issues. Continue Reading>>  


400 Goodrich Street / 55 Daisy Street Redevelopment Project Remediation Completed, Renovations for New Business Underway For Fall 2013 Opening

HEDC completed the remediation of the 16,000 S.F. 400 Goodrich/55Daisy Street project.

The site was formerly the location of Metropolitan Global Metal Finishing which had been vacant and abandoned form over 20 years. The new owner Tricon Construction will move their company to Hamden to this location in February of 2014. Continue Reading>> 


Newhall / Highwood Neighborhood Community Development Program Completed

HEDC has completed the Newhall Community Development Program that was located in the Newhall Remediation Target Area. Utiltizing the $5million dollars awarded this program, HEDC made structural repairs to over 95 homes, acquired 13 houses for rehab and demolition, and helped relocate numerous residents.   These activities are all part of a holistic neighborhood revitalization program. Continue Reading>>  


Business Incubator Project Progresses Into Phase 2 With Historic Designation and Funding in Place

HEDC will soon move Phase II of the Hamden Business Incubator Project. Phase 1 included the clean out of the asbestos and mold and hazardous materials while completing some demolition and roof repairs. Phase II will include the renovation of the building in anticipation of occupancy in early 2015. The State Historic Commission recently named the building to the State Historic Register and the Town recently voted to sell the building to HEDC. Continue reading for further information on the Incubator Project:  


Community Development News

Hamden's Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program is to provide decent housing, a suitable living environment and to expand economic opportunities for low and moderate-income people in the designated target areas of Hamden.
The Community Development Program offers the following program in FY 2013:
Residential Rehabilitation
* Down Payment Assistance * Commercial Rehabilitation * Fair Housing * Public Service Agency Funding  



About Hamden Economic & Community Development:


For more information, contact us at

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