Projects Underway

HEDC is currently working on numerous projects that affect small businesses and the communities where they are located. 

Hamden Business Incubator

Purpose and Goals


The Hamden Business Incubator is designed to accelerate the successful development of entrepreneurial companies through many shared business support resources and services, developed and orchestrated by incubator management and offered both in the incubator and through its network of contacts. Successful completion of a business incubation program increases the likelihood that a start-up or newer small businesses will stay in business for the long term: Historically, well over 75% of incubator graduates stay in business.

 It is anticipated that twenty businesses will become part of the facility. The location of the Hamden Business Incubator is in the heart of the Highwood/Newhall neighborhood, located one mile from the Ciity of New Haven. The project is projected to create up to 40 jobs in the short term (one year), 80 in the medium term (3 years) and 125+ in the longer term (five years). The facility will generate over $2 million in new payroll in the short term and eventually generate over $100,000 in new taxes annually to the Town of Hamden.

 The HEDC will provide common services to small business located in the Hamden Business Incubator to help them reduce the cost of overhead, making them more profitable. These services include reception, parking, rest rooms, wi-fi, conference space, etc. The services will also include mentoring and a variety of entreprenuer - growth programs.  Their leaner operations will better enable them to efficiently collaborate with other local and regional businesses and other institutions, such as the many universities and colleges in the area.


For the development of the tenant list, the HEDC/Town is currently working with neighboring entrepreneurial organizations and trade organizations like the Hamden Business Assistance Center, New Haven Manufacturing Association, SBA’s Small Business Development Center, Southern CT State University, Quinnipiac University, Gateway Community College and other important trade groups like the Minority Supplier Development Council in order to identify tenants and assist start ups and emerging businesses at the Hamden Business Incubator.

One of the features of the Hamden Business Incubator will be the location of the Hamden Business Assistance Center (BAC). Since 2005, the BAC has provided services to start-ups and others needing assistance in the areas of business formation, cash flow analysis, business plans, financing, human resources, etc. To date, the BAC has helped over 200 clients. The BAC will offer these services not only to the to the tenants of the Hamden Business Incubator, but also to businesses across Hamden.

It is envisioned that tenants of the Hamden Business Incubator will include web designers and programmers, professional services, medical form administrators, small manufacturers and other lighter industry providers. Each business located at the Hamden Business Incubator will lease classrooms and other areas within the former school.

For further information on the Hamden Business Incubator, contact:

Dale Kroop Executive Director Hamden Economic Development Corporation (203) 287-7033

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State Street (#2259) Redevelopment Continues at Former Stereo Station site.

One of the great real estate turnaround stories in Hamden of 2018/2019 is the remediation and rehabilitation of 2259 State Street. Vacant for over 10 years, the Hamden Economic Development Corporation was tasked with the strategy and execution of a turnaround plan. The owners had passed away and the property became abandoned and blighted.

Dale Kroop is the Executive Director of the Hamden Economic Development Corporation and has been managing the project, “We are seeing progress towards a rehabilitated Quanset Hut and a tax producing property again. We have procured a developer/business who will repurpose it as a car dealership called Value Auto. Projects like this are exactly what the corporation was intended for.”

HEDC acquired the tax lien from the town in 2017 and then completed a Request for Developers in 2018. After the selection of the developer most of 2018 was spent negotiating the development agreement, this process was completed in the fall of 2018 and the project began in October. Demolition and remediation will continue in 2019. 

This property is located at 2259 State St, north of the DMV. It is known as the Stereo Station site and is called a Transfer Act site, requiring the highest level of environmental cleanup and regulation. HEDC was the catalyst to make this happen and to attract private investment. Here are some pre-development and progress pictures. This project should be completed later in 2019. Included is an artist sketch of what it will look like at completion. The Town and HEDC have worked together for nearly 15 years on projects similar to this. This partnership helps to revitalize neighborhoods in key neighborhoods in Hamden.


In the historic Consent Order from 2003, it was contemplated that a $2 million Soil Management Fund would be established to provide assistance to residents and builders who wanted to complete construction projects (e.g., additions to homes) below the grade of the 4-foot limit established in the Remediation Program. The funds would be used to excavate soil and dispose of it in landfills established for contaminated or non-contaminated material.

HEDC will administer the fund on behalf of the Town of Hamden in coordination with the DEEP and the Consent Order. The fund will be administered in the established Newhall Local Design District, which was established using the boundaries of the Consent Order area. The fund is now available.  For further information about the program and for an application contact Dale Kroop at or 203-287-7033.


Good news was delivered this week to Hamden.  On Tuesday 2/14, Hamden was notified by the CT Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD), that the Hamden Economic Development Corporation has been awarded $600,000 for the asbestos cleanup and demolition of the Auditorium at the location of the former Michael J. Whalen Middle School.  The 16,000 S.F. structure has substantial asbestos contamination and severely blighted.

 Commenting on the awarded funding, Mayor Curt Balzano Leng noted “I am exceptionally pleased to hear that Hamden has been awarded this funding.  The auditorium at Michael J. Whalen Middle School has been in serious disrepair for a number of years, and has posed a significant road block in the further development and re-use of the former middle school location.  These funds will ensure that Hamden is able to properly restore a portion of the grounds to a condition suitable for new investment and redevelopment.  I greatly look forward to the start of this remediation project, and to the many positive returns it will bring for Hamden.”

 The CT DECD has successfully offered the brownfield programs for nearly 10 years.  Hamden has taken advantage of the brownfield program as well as the other economic development programs for nearly 20 years

 “Investing in the remediation of blighted properties and putting them back into productive use ultimately becomes and economic win for our communities,” Governor Malloy said.  “When we clean up these sites and repurpose them, we can turn what was once and eyesore into a community asset that can help revitalize a neighborhood and spark economic growth.”

The land around the building and over the entire middle school site is being remediated under the 2003 Newhall Consent Order.  The demolition will help to leverage a $23 million dollar redevelopment of the former Middle School site by the Mutual Housing Association of South Central CT, who is readying plans over the next couple years to begin construction of 87 mixed income housing units and a rehabilitation of a building into a Town Community Center.  The site also immediately adjacent to the Hamden Business Incubator which is in the construction phase and will be completed in late 2017 or early 2018.

“Investing in brownfield redevelopment has brought significant private investment and new jobs to cities and towns throughout the state, “DECD Deputy Commissioner Tim Sullivan said.  “As a result, municipalities are seeing the transformative effect of these redevelopments in each and every community.  The funding will be used for the creation of a remediation and demolition plan by BL Companies, who prepared a study of environmental conditions, which was the basis for the grant details.  The project will be completed over the next 6-9 months.

The Town has continued to work towards a complete transformation of the Newhall neighborhood of Highwood.  Over the next few months the Town will have to develop the contracts with the State DECD and work with the Licensed Environmental Professional come up with a Remediation and Demolition Plan.

 “This is exciting news from the DECD that will help toward the final revitalization of this key site in southern Hamden.  It will help remove a terrible blight and assist in our ability to market the Hamden Business Incubator.  We are thankful to Governor Malloy, our entire delegation and the DECD for their support”, stated Dale Kroop, who will manage the project.

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