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New Collaboration Formed Between Realtors, Town of Hamden and the Hamden Board of Ed






    Goal is Enhanced Home Sales, Economic Development

And Public Education Awareness


Did you know that Hamden High School offers 19 AP courses - among the highest in the state, and that the DECA Entrepreneurial Program regularly wins state and International awards? Did you know that all Hamden Middle School students take pre-engineering, which helps set them up for success in high school science, engineering and math? Did you know that Columbia University experts work with teachers in our elementary schools to implement their highly-effective and research-proven writing  program? 

These facts and many more were discussed over the last few months as part of a new collaboration begun by Dale Kroop, the Director of Economic and Community Development, the Hamden Board of Education and Residential Real Estate brokers.  Dale Kroop periodically meets with the real estate professionals to find out how he can improve the town and their business.    “The agents told us they don’t have materials to give potential buyers about what the Hamden Public Schools have to offer.

 “People tend to form their perceptions based solely on media reports or test scores and I think the story is a more positive one,” said Dale Kroop“. I had two children go through the school system, and I know we have great schools and that they prepare our kids to be successful.  So, to help us promote the many positive aspects of Hamden’s schools, we decided to invite the school district to work with us” stated Mr. Kroop.

 The discussions with the school district began in February of 2016. Mr. Kroop met with Superintendent Goeler, Assistant Superintendent Chris Melillo and Karen Kaplan, Director of Program Innovation, Technology & Communications, who was assigned the role of liaison to the group.  Ms. Kaplan then met with the realtors and Mr. Kroop to develop the tools needed by the realtors.  

 At the initial meeting, the Realtors explained that potential buyers are often very interested in knowing about the local schools, and that it would be helpful to have information to distribute to them electronically and during home showings. These materials could also be provided to relocation professionals.

 The realtor group was given a tour of the middle and high schools so that they could see first-hand the quality of the facilities and programs. Since then, the group has been meeting and developing a working relationship. The first tool that was created was a colorful informational handout describing the programs and opportunities offered through the school system. This handout is now available to be part of the buyer packages for realtors.

 The programs offered by the school system have now become a regular part of the conversation about the public education system in Hamden. “It appears that many people don’t realize the high quality education that students receive in Hamden schools. On statewide testing, our students’ recently outperformed their counterparts in similar districts and even scored better than some of the more affluent districts in the state.  We regularly have students winning state and national awards in science, mathematics, English and the Arts, as well as National Merit Scholarship Program recognition. Hamden offers a large number of innovative and high-level course options, allowing students to learn content and skills in high school that will be valuable in either higher education or the workplace. We are extremely proud of the programs available to our students in Hamden,” said Karen Kaplan.

 The next step in the promotion of the school system will be the development of some Youtube videos about the various programs and opportunities that Realtors could post on their web pages and that the Town can use in general to promote the school system. Superintendent Jody Goeler said,“We want everyone to know that our school system continues to develop and adopt state-of-the-art curriculum to meet the needs and interests of all students. The number and quality of diverse programs at our High School compares favorably to any district in Connecticut. We offer something for everyone. I am grateful local realtors are committed to learning more about what makes Hamden such a unique and exceptional community.”

 “Healthy economic development within Hamden is not strictly related to real estate transactions, it also involves building collaborations which promote Hamden and work to enhance the various economic markets in Town. The number one indicator of the impact of these collaborative efforts can be seen directly when examining Hamden’s housing sales and values. I’m very pleased with the efforts of the Economic Development Department, the Board of Education, and the residential real estate brokers who are involved. This collaboration is yet another fantastic example proving that Hamden is a great place to live and raise a family”, stated Curt Balzano Leng, Mayor of Hamden.


For more information about this unique collaboration contact:

Karen Kaplan: Hamden Board of Education

Director of Program Innovation, Technology & Communications




Dale Kroop: Director

Department of Economic and Community Development

dkroop @hamden.com


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