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Soil Management Fund Available for Newhall Residential Expansion Projects


            Property owners in the former Newhall Remediation area are now eligible for grant funding from the new Soil Management Fund.  This fund can be utilized by home owners in the Newhall Local Design District. The funding is managed by the Hamden Economic Development Corporation (HEDC) and may be utilized for the identification and removal of waste fill material found below the original four foot clean-up line directly under a home improvement such as an expansion of a family room, bathroom or  kitchen. There is no income requirement for grant eligibility.  For eligibility, applicants must have participated in the residential cleanup completed by the Olin Corporation in 2013.


            Through a Consent Order in 2003, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) initiated a large scale waste fill remediation program in Hamden’s Newhall neighborhood.  Work began in 2009 to remove the contaminated waste fill to a depth of four feet in order to restore the health and safety of area residents.  Material was excavated from over 200 individual properties within the estimated 60 acre site. The residential cleanup is now complete. The Soil Management Fund was set up to assist home owners with upgrades and expansions of their homes should they suspect waste fill under the area below the home improvement. 

How Does It Work?

            Residents must possess a zoning and building permit for the construction of an addition or improvements that may involve the removal of soil or other waste full material. Program funding can be applied to the cost of engineering, testing, excavation and removal of waste fill material removed within the scope of a Town approved home addition or expansion.

Only the identification and removal of waste fill material such as contaminated soil is an eligible expense. Participating homeowners will not be responsible for identifying soil condition or for removing the soil. If waste fill is suspected to be below the four foot remediation line of a permitted property or home improvement activity, the HEDC will coordinate all required professionals and pay all contractors and engineers etc. to analyze and remove the material to allow for the homeowner to complete their project  Homeowners will not receive the funds directly.

Eligible expenses covered under the Fund include the identification of waste fill material and associated contaminated soil excavated for disposal within the scope of a Town approved property improvement project; laboratory analysis of waste fill material; and proper off-site disposal of waste fill material.

Ineligible expenses include general home improvements, drainage, clean soil placement and site work such as driveways, etc.

            Applicants whose projects are eligible for funds under the Soil Management Fund must be owners of real property located within the Newhall Local Design District, which was remediated pursuant to the Newhall Street Neighborhood Remediation Program. 

For information regarding the Soil Management Fund, street eligibility, etc., visit www.hamdeneconomicdevelopment.org or contact Executive Director, Dale Kroop, at the Hamden Economic Development Corporation by phone (203) 287-7030, or by email dkroop@hamden.com.

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