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New Colony Development Corporation Announces MicroEnterprise Education Program

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New Colony Development Corporation Announces

MicroEnterprise Education Program


The New Colony Development Corporation (NCDC) is pleased to announce the funding of this new MicroEnterprise Education Program for Hamden residents, particularly from southern Hamden.


The proposed project will provide programming for owners of micro-enterprise (under 5 employees) and start-up businesses. This service will include direct counseling and programs on all matters related to early-stage business development. Topics will include but are not limited to: business plan development, cash flow analysis, human resources, bookkeeping and accounting, and government contracting.


All activities will take place at different locations mostly in southern Hamden.  


The population served will primarily be low and moderate income {LMI) residents of the three target areas in Hamden. The strategy for outreach will be direct mail, social media and community meetings.


Economic inclusiveness for LMI families means increasing incomes and community wealth. Historically residents of the target areas do not have the opportunity for training in entrepreneurship and small business development. Low-and-moderate income people, in particular minority residents, have been excluded from the general economy in terms of support for business start-ups.

“Building on the success of the Hamden Business Assistance Center, we are pleased to take our entrepreneurial training ideas to young people in Hamden’s CDBG target areas. The idea of this program will be to work directly with youth to develop a business, taking them from concept to execution of a small business.


“We are also excited to announce that we will retain Richard Pearce from Evolution Enterprises to run this program. Mr. Pearce has had great success working with over 350 businesses in Hamden and hundreds more through his career”, continued Dale Kroop, Executive Director of the New Colony Development Corporation.


For more information about the MicroEnterprise Education Program, please contact Dale Kroop at communityresources@comcast.net