Hamden Economic Development Corporation and New Colony Development Corporation

Projects Underway

HEDC is currently working on numerous projects that affect small businesses and the communities where they are located.

State Street (#2259) Redevelopment Continues at Former Stereo Station Site

One of the important real estate turnaround stories in Hamden of the last few years is the remediation and rehabilitation of 2259 State Street. Vacant for over 10 years, the Hamden Economic Development Corporation was tasked with the strategy and execution of a turnaround plan. The owners had passed away and the property became abandoned and blighted.

Dale Kroop, Executive Director of the HEDC, has been managing the project and stated, “We are seeing progress towards a rehabilitated Quanset Hut and a tax producing property again. We have procured a developer/business who will repurpose it as a car dealership called Value Auto. Projects like this are exactly what the corporation was intended for.”

HEDC acquired the tax lien from the town in 2017 and then completed a Request for Developers in 2018. After the selection of the developer most of 2018 was spent negotiating the development agreement, this process was completed in the fall of 2018 and the project began in October. Demolition and remediation will continue in 2019.

This property is located at 2259 State Street, north of the DMV. It is known as the Stereo Station site and is called a Transfer Act site, requiring the highest level of environmental cleanup and regulation. HEDC was the catalyst to make this happen and to attract private investment. Here are some pre-development and progress pictures. This project should be completed in late 2021 or early 2022. Included is an artist sketch of what it will look like at completion. The Town and HEDC have worked together for nearly 15 years on projects similar to this. This partnership helps to revitalize neighborhoods in key neighborhoods in Hamden.

Soil Management Fund

In the historic Consent Order from 2003, it was contemplated that a $2 million Soil Management Fund would be established to provide assistance to residents and builders who wanted to complete construction projects (e.g., additions to homes) below the grade of the 4-foot limit established in the Remediation Program. The funds are used to excavate soil and dispose of it in landfills established for contaminated or non-contaminated material. It is also used to resolve long standing drainage problems at these homes that have negatively affected the foundations and basements.

HEDC administers the program in coordination with the DEEP and the Consent Order. The fund is administered in the established Newhall Local Design District, which was established using the boundaries of the Consent Order area. The funds are now available. For further information about the program and for an application, contact Dale Kroop at communityresources@comcast.net or 203-668-7084.

Newhall Structural Repair Program

The HEDC was able to secure $4 million in grant funds in the summer of 2020 to make available for the repair of damage caused to homes caused by structural deficiencies and by drainage problems in single and small multi-family homes.

The HEDC has made significant progress to date to get this program off the ground. It recently completed two Requests for Proposals for a construction manager and structural engineer.

It has also begun taking applications from residents and thus far has accepted nearly sixty applications. Inspections will begin in early 2021, with construction beginning in the spring of 2021. The program will last until all funds are exhausted.