Hamden Economic Development Corporation

Federal EPA

Federal EPA programs include the Revolving Loan Program and Emergency Clean-Up Superfund.

Revolving Loan Program: Four Types of Funds

  • Assessment grants provide funding for brownfields inventories, planning, environmental assessments, and community outreach.
  • Revolving Loan Fund grants provide funding to capitalize a revolving loan fund that provides loans and subgrants to carry out cleanup activities at brownfields.
  • Cleanup grants provide direct funding for cleanup activities at specific sites.
  • Job Training grants provide environmental training for residents of brownfields communities.

The HEDC was able to secure two revolving fund clean-up grants for the Goodrich / Daisy Project totaling $373,000. The HEDC also contributed nearly $100,000 towards this phase of the project.

Emergency Clean-Up Superfund

Grant funds are provided for the cleanup of toxic chemicals and materials in existing vacant building deemed to be hazardous to the community.

The HEDC was awarded an additional grant totaling $1.2 million towards the interior remediation of the Goodrich / Daisy property under the Emergency Clean-Up Superfund Program.

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